“She broke through a major barrier that night.  The butterfly spread her wings…and put her hands in her pockets at the same time.”
-Steve Wexler / Father Jones Band
from June 2018 @ The Lounge in The Space in Westbury, NY

“The night began with the lovely and immensely talented, Robin Eve opening. Her soulful voice is something you do not want to miss. Robin, a Long Island native and regular performer in that area, made her way down from the Island to play for us lucky Connecticut listeners. Robin’s voice draws you right in and her energy is infectious. Don’t miss her if you get a chance to see her. Check her out at”
 -Jennifer Yaggi / CrisisMusicBlog Online Music Magazine
from  July 2017 @ Black Duck Café in Westport, CT

When it all began…
“Long Island has a rich folk-rock history. From the earliest days of Harry Chapin to the modern-day coffee house, the Island has been a hotbed for folkies. Robin Eve is the latest addition to this list. The Amityville resident was destined for a life in music: Her mother was a musician and radio host, and her father was the announcer for the Ed Sullivan Show. With her mother’s guitar in hand, Robin played her own songs for the first time this past May. She quickly gained the interest of the crowd and became an instant favorite. Her songs give a message of hope and love, and are conveyed by a rich and full voice. Not only is she a great talent, but Robin has also become one of the biggest cheerleaders and supporters of local music on the Island today. She hosts an open mic night every Tuesday at the Village Pub South in Amityville, which has become a haven for the acoustic singer-songwriter.
-Harlan Friedman
Long Island Press and WLIR 92.7 Tri State Sound” Radio (Dec. 2003)

Robin Eve and Frank Walker make up EveWalk, an acoustic storytelling duo who strum and harmonize about their world and surroundings.  Nights like this were made for an act like EveWalk, and the crowd was ready to follow the pair wherever they wanted to take them.  Robin wrote “The Fact’s Don’t Count” about the relationship with her young daughter and delivered the lyric in a way that brought the entire audience into her mother/child experience.  EveWalk ended with Harry Chapin’s “Mr. Tanner”.  The musician tale is very consistent with the band’s style so it wasn’t hard to see what moved them to choose this cover”.
– Dan Brown
Good Times Magazine
(review of “EveWalk at The Acoustic Blizzard”, V.P. South,  Dec. 2003)

” Concerning the note about Robin singing “Somedays” at The Fest — It was absolutely fantastic !! You had to be there. As soon as she got through about the first minute of the song I thought “You’ve won girl !!”. And the packed ballroom agreed. She is so good she could sing professionally. Robin — how about a CD of Beatles songs ?? And perhaps next year you could sing a few numbers with Liverpool.”
-James Marien
(review of the Beatlefest “Sound Alike”  Contest-2004
in New Jersey on Abby Road Fab News)
(to listen to the performance, click here

“Robin Eve is a local artist who has definitely made an impact on the scene.  It’s hard to believe that about a year ago, she was nervously trying her wings at her first open mic.  Now, she runs the weekly open mic at The Village Pub South in Amityville, as well as regularly booking acoustic showcases at the same venue.  This CD is her 5-song debut demo.  It gives a good sampling of her rich, lovely vocal style and some nicely strummed 6 and 12-string guitar, and shows off her gentle, moody songwriting.  My favorite song on the CD is the opening number, “Let It Rain”.  It features a chorus that showcases her voice, and sincere well-written lyrics. (“So many thoughts that I hide from myself/huddled, scared deep inside”)  Also strong are the slightly darker song, “What Is Your Legacy” (“What treasures will we find? / What is your Legacy? / What will you leave the children behind”), and her ode to a confused friend, “A New Life”. -Rich Hughes
Aural Fix Magazine review of EP “All My Yesterdays” (2004)


Some reviews of Robin Eve’s debut album, “Remembrance” (2011)…

“Buuuuhhh-yaaahhhhh (however it’s spelled). What a wonderful piece of work. I am pretty much speechless, which is a relatively rare thing. Hearing you with just the guitar is always fabulous, but hearing you with a band lifts things to an even higher level. I was especially stunned by “Benefit of the Doubt”–great song made even greater by the backgrounds. And in songwriting, your ability to reach far beyond the typical “I love you”/”I’m bummed because you don’t love me” themes of most popular music continues to impress me.” – David Anglin

“CD arrived today!!! Listened to it a few times already….Awesome!!!! and the bonus tracks are the…Thanks for you…”Remembrance is like having a portable you for anytime we need a Robin Eve fix…nice” – Joanne Amante

“The sound Tony (of Cosmic Funnybone Productions) produced is just so professional sounding and he caught the spirit of your lyrics. Which is one of the great heartbeats of your work: the lyrics, the musical feel and how they mesh so well. There’s enough “new” to your well-known songs — the added instrumentations — that surprise, and take the songs to another level. I like the drawing for the CD cover because it does mirror, in a way, the sense of each song as a drawing, a vignette of how you see things and try to capture them, slices of life with words and music. And the sense of drawing — shadings, details, broad strokes — there’s cohesiveness about the CD as a whole drawn together by each individual song. Sarah sounds terrific.
Cheers, my friend; it’s a work to feel proud about.” – Valerie Griggs


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